Supergirl: Being Super #4


I am so so sad that this over because it was fantastic. From beginning to end, each of the four issues of this mini-series was stellar. This last one wraps up a lot of the loose ends and finds Kara really deciding that it’s time to admit who she is and be a superhero. She heads off to find Superman at the end, but has also made a powerful enemy. And even Lex Luthor shows up for a split second. So maybe there’s hope for another mini-series continuing this one?

I can wish, can’t I? Everything was just so great here. Mariko Tamaki’s writing was so perfect. I’ve enjoyed her work on Hulk, but she just really knows how to write for Kara and her friends. And maybe my favorite thing about this book was Joelle Jones’ art. I mean seriously, Jones was born to draw Supergirl.


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