Batman #26


This was pretty damn great. I’m definitely really enjoying this “War Of Jokes And Riddles” story. In this one The Joker puts out a hit on The Riddler which doesn’t go well thanks to Poison Ivy. And then all hell breaks loose. The war is really turning into a war.

The art here was spectacular. The two page spread with Ivy was fantastic. And I love some of the throwbacks here – namely, The Riddler acting out the “mirror” scene from Tim Burton’s Batman.

There was also the way that throughout the issue you can a bit of background on each victim. Y’know when like faceless thugs get killed in most comics? Here, you learn their names and some factoid. And later it turns out that Batman was keeping a record of all the casualties. It’s a neat touch.

Tom King really knows what he’s doing right now.


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