The Defenders

The Defenders #4


So so good. Everything about this comic is great. Seriously. The art! Oh my goodness, the art. And Bendis’ writing is top notch here. I’m loving this.

This issue had some history on this new crazy drug that Diamondback put on the streets. Then a huge fight between him and Jessica Jones & Iron Fist. And then… and then it ends with brief appearances from The Punisher and Elektra! So it looks like there’s plenty more surprises to keep rolling in.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #5


Jean continues on with her training. This time with Psylocke. Good issue. Mostly about Jean learning how to control her powers. It seems like it’s fight or flight that triggers them – so now I’m really starting to think that my theory about this being a story about dealing with anxiety was spot on.

Some great art this issue. Still totally enjoying this series.

#1 · X-Men

Astonishing X-Men #1


Obviously we don’t need ANOTHER X-Men book right now. Of course not. I mean there’s already more than I can even read. Right now I’m totally content with X-Men: Blue. But damn, look at that cover art. Wow. I had to pick this up. And I’m pretty glad I did.

It feels like a solid start. This oversized issue had Psylocke attacked by the Shadow King. She calls to various X-Men to bring together this ragtag team. Now they’re off hunting the Shadow King. It seems cool enough.

The art is great. The writing is – well it’s Charles Soule, so you know it’s good. I’m interested for now. We’ll see how this goes.