Astonishing X-Men #2


I’m pretty mixed on this one. But man, look at that cover art! Ooh.

The story’s rather confusing to follow. You’ve got Logan, Jean, Gambit, Beast and Fantomex in in a dream controlled by the Shadow King who’s playing a game with Professor X. It’s at times amusing – like as they’re watching a movie or play about the history of the X-Men. But other times it’s just baffling, such as in a two-page spread where I found it impossible to even figure out the flow of the dialogue.

The art’s a mixed bag, too. The X-Men themselves are drawn beautifully, but the parts with Shadow King just looked overly detailed to me in an unappealing way.

I don’t quite know if I’ll stick with this series for the long haul yet. I might give it one more issue, though.


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