#1 · Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan #21


Part one of “Past Lives”… I don’t know. It’s not bad or anything. It’s kind of fun in a way. Logan is time-traveling and basically reliving past experiences. In that sense it almost feels like this mini-series will serve as a bit of a primer. A Wolverine’s Greatest Hits kind of thing if you will. But… is it even necessary? I’m not so sure it is. I don’t know that this is really adding anything to the story. Y’know? It’s just kind of going through motions.

I’ll give #22 a shot because I actually already have that one as well, though.

#1 · Jean Grey

Jean Grey #1


Okay, so I’m thrilled that Jean has her own solo comic now. Always been a fan. And it’s actually a pretty good start. Good writing. Good action. But… I’m not totally sure how I feel about rehashing Phoenix stuff. So we’ll see how it goes.

I will stick with it though. That’s for sure. I’m just a big enough fan of the character that I need to see how it goes. And I like that it makes a good companion to X-Men: Blue. I won’t be reading much of the Ressurexion stuff, but this, Blue and Generation-X all look up my alley.

#1 · Youngblood

Youngblood #1


A new Youngblood series hitting the shelves in 2017 was very exciting for me. Comic fans of the 90’s are sure to have a soft spot for Liefield and Image Comics. At least I know I sure do.

What’s great here is how organic it feels. It is certainly a throwback, sure. Its artwork is definitely fitting of the Youngblood name. But thank goodness it’s not just a hollow rehash. Instead it takes place now with new faces along old. There’s a new guard who wants to fill the shoes filled by the (mostly) forgotten Youngblood of old.

So yeah – it feels 90’s. But it’s also about a team of millenials who cut their teeth fighting crime via an app called Help! where users can call for a superhero the same way you can call for an Uber.

By the end of the issue we’ll see some old familiar characters meeting up with this new team, and I’m very excited to see where all this goes. Highly recommended!

#1 · Deadpool · The Punisher

Deadpool Versus The Punisher #1


I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this one other than what’s right there in the title. But that was enough to make me curious. Issue #1 was actually pretty cool. I like how the story is told by both sides back and forth. It’s a nice touch.

So The Punisher is out for this guy “The Bank,” who is funding this club called Vs. It’s an underground club where people bet on the superhero fights they see on the news. Good premise. The Bank is someone who has worked with Deadpool. So there’s the mix-up. Deadpool is at The Bank’s mansion when Punisher shows up for the hit.

Much bloodshed ensues. It’s gruesome but also has the right amount of fun. Really, it’s like a well-done balance of the tones of the recent Deadpool and Punisher solo comics. I like this one – maybe more than I expected really.

#1 · X-Men

X-Men: Blue #1


I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to this one. There’s a handful of Resurrexion comics that I’m interested in, and this was one of the top of that small list. What can I say? I love Marvel’s rather obvious attempts at nostalgia. I loved Marc Waid’s “.1” Avengers issues; I loved X-Men ’92. So this seemed like a no-brainer for me.

I was mostly not disappointed. This definitely is a throwback, focusing on the original (time-displaced five), and with a 90’s X-Men (animated series) vibe to it. The story was… just kind of there for now. But I think more than anything it’s the Who’s Who that’s going to probably make this one fun. I mean Juggernaut? Yeah! What a fun fight scene, here.

The art felt a bit inconsistent from page to page, though. Like, Jean seemed to look like different Jeans throughout the book. And I doubt that was intentional.

The ending of the main story was… intriguing. And then we got a sort of bonus story about a clawed dude like Wolverine; but not Wolverine. I think Bunn is definitely throwing a lot at us readers – but it’s fun, so no complaints.

#1 · Batgirl · One-Shot

Batgirl Annual #1


I picked up this annual because – well look at the cover. A Batgirl/Supergirl team-up is awesome. So I had to get it. Unfortunately the cover is slightly misleading. This annual features two stores, and only the first one features Supergirl. And it’s incomplete, but will continue in Supergirl #9 (which is still a couple of issues away).

Anyway, I really did like the team-up story. And the art was great. Inaki Miranda’s drawings are wonderful here. It makes me wish that he was drawing the main Supergirl series as well. It’s a nice setup story though, of how the two meet up and Supergirl convinces Batgirl to help her free a captive girl who’s been communicating with Kara. I’ll definitely be interested to see where it goes. And I like the mutual respect the two show for each other.

The second story was fine, but nothing great. Barbara is trying to balance friendship with crime fighting. It takes place before Batgirl #1, and it has its moments. But the real reason to read this issue is that first story.


#1 · X-Men

X-Men Prime #1


I’m kind of annoyed – I wasn’t paying attention at the comic shop and accidentally grabbed the “Venomized” variant cover version instead of the nice cover you see above. Oh well.

X-Men Prime #1 starts the whole Resurrexion event at Marvel, which is basically a major explosion of X-Men titles. I’m all for that. This issue was a decent setup. We got to see Kitty Pryde return; we got to see a time-displaced version of the original X-Men including Jean Grey; we got to see Magik stick around after the events of IvX and the end of The Extraordinary X-Men series. And maybe even better – we finally get to see the school return to Earth.

I’m sure the complaints will be that not much happens in this issue. And that’s true. It felt a lot like those Issue #0’s that Marvel will put out for big events. But… I’m optimistic about what’s to follow in the coming months.

#1 · Deadpool

Deadpool #28


Deadpool always keeps things fun and fresh. Issue #28 is the first in a five-part crossover event with other Deadpool series that involves Deadpool’s wife Shiklah (a succubus… and leader of the monsters under Manhattan…). The writing is the usual fun Deadpool style.

When scared New Yorkers kill a monster who wanders into the subway, Shiklah decides to seek vengeance upon the city. Deadpool – in a rather un-Deadpool moment tries to tell her that the justice system will take care of them. But when that backfires all hell breaks loose.

There’s a hilarious bit where Deadpool tries to text other superheroes for help but none of them want anything to do with Wade. And then there’s a really awesome cameo. I don’t want to spoil it. So stop reading. I’m gonna say who it is. Don’t read this if you don’t want to know… it’s Blade!

So yeah, I’m gonna keep reading these issues. I always like a good excuse to read some Deadpool comics.

#1 · Elektra

Elektra #1


I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, and I must say that Elektra #1 did not let me down. It’s a brisk first issue. It almost feels too short. But maybe that’s a sign of  a good intro. Elektra finds herself in a Vegas casino incognito. She gets to talking to a barkeeper who she learns is being abused by some shady casino bigwigs. And y’know what Elektra does best? She kills!

The art work here is just straight up lovely. The writing is nice. There’s a good balance of dialogue and action. And when the action comes in, it is really great. Like I said, it feels almost too short, but it is definitely a good setup. I’ll gladly keep reading this one.

#1 · The Avengers

The Avengers #1.MU


I know there’s a good possibility  here that I’m alone, but I really love The Avengers series right now. Admittedly, Hercules feels a little dispensable. But mostly I love this team up. #1.MU is a Monsters Unleashed crossover, but I like how they’re doing these. There’s not a ton of them, and they feel like one-shots rather than overlapping with the main series plot. Basically, this is just more stuff to read if you’re digging Monsters Unleashed. Or The Avengers.

It was a cool read. The team heads to Boston to investigate a crime family, but encounters the monsters. Of course. There’s some badass moments with Vision and Jane Thor and just feels like a nice little stand alone issue.