Batgirl #12


Hey, now this was a pretty fun issue. I’m so glad to be done with the “Son Of The Penguin” storyline. This one was about Babs investigating a “ghost” in a pool at the local Y. Long story short – there was a girl trapped in another dimension trying to cross back over. It was kind of like an X-Files episode kind of issue. Y’know?

The art was really good on this one. The page of the girl materializing – first as protoplasm, then skeleton, then flesh – comes to mind. I kind of get the impression that this is just a one-and-done issue, but that’s fine with me. Bring on more like these!


Batgirl #11


Eh. I wasn’t crazy about the “Son Of Penguin” story – which I said last issue. So I’m glad it’s over. I do like this series. I don’t want to sound too negative. It’s just the story arc I wasn’t crazy about. It looked nice, this issue. And the writing was fine. I’m ready to see Babs go on to some other more interesting adventure now, though.


Batgirl #10


This one was alright. I don’t know. I’m not necessarily crazy about this Son Of The Penguin stuff. Maybe because I’m not a big social media guy, this story just isn’t grabbing me all that much.

The stuff with the real Penguin was kind of cool. He and Batgirl meet up and are talking about his son and this gets on film so it looks like they are in cahoots. And then Nightwing shows up later so maybe that’ll get alright.

I guess if I think about it I liked more of this issue than I didn’t. And I actually really like the Batgirl character. It’s just the story arc itself that isn’t entirely interesting to me.


Batgirl #9


I doubt I’d think to pick up Batgirl on my own, but having been gifted a subscription I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. Knowing the Barbara Gordon character – and her eventual role in the Birds Of Prey, I kind of love that the young Babs is teaching kids to code their own mobile apps in a workshop here. It’s a pretty perfect detail for her character.

The “Son of Penguin” story continues on here as Babs gets more romantically involved with said Son even though he seems to be using his company’s apps to target Batgirl. I assume he doesn’t realize they’re one in the same.

Anyway, toward the end Dad shows up, so it seems like this small scale story will be growing to involve a bit more of Gotham soon.


Batgirl #8


So for Christmas my sister and brother-in-law got me a subscription to Batgirl. I didn’t receive the first issue in the mail until #8, which I’ve just read. Of course this means that I’m picking up in the middle of a story. Oh well.

Apparently Barbara is on a date with The Penguin’s son, Ethan. And he doesn’t know that she’s Batgirl… at least I don’t think he does. He runs a company that makes apps and other technology. One such app is called Walkhome and it calls someone to literally walk you home.

A side note, I appreciated the link to MIT’s’ App Inventor. I’d never heard of it, but it looks interesting.

Anyway, Batgirl spies Magpie as one such walker, and they get in a scuffle leading to bad press for Ethan’s company. And from the looks of things, he’s not too pleased with Batgirl.

We’ll see how it goes. So far it’s pretty light and fun.

#1 · Batgirl · One-Shot

Batgirl Annual #1


I picked up this annual because – well look at the cover. A Batgirl/Supergirl team-up is awesome. So I had to get it. Unfortunately the cover is slightly misleading. This annual features two stores, and only the first one features Supergirl. And it’s incomplete, but will continue in Supergirl #9 (which is still a couple of issues away).

Anyway, I really did like the team-up story. And the art was great. Inaki Miranda’s drawings are wonderful here. It makes me wish that he was drawing the main Supergirl series as well. It’s a nice setup story though, of how the two meet up and Supergirl convinces Batgirl to help her free a captive girl who’s been communicating with Kara. I’ll definitely be interested to see where it goes. And I like the mutual respect the two show for each other.

The second story was fine, but nothing great. Barbara is trying to balance friendship with crime fighting. It takes place before Batgirl #1, and it has its moments. But the real reason to read this issue is that first story.