#1 · Daredevil

Daredevil #15


It seems like it’s almost a prerequisite now that when a Marvel series makes it to #15, there has to also be a new story starting so that there’s a nice new jumping on point. Which is cool with me. It’s how I decided to check out Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Uncanny Avengers and now this new Daredevil series. And y’know what? I’m glad I did.

Luckily I was brought up to speed quickly in this issue, and it seems that Daredevil was mentoring a kid named Blindspot who has had his eyes gouged out by someone called Muse. And now Matt’s gone and put a hit out on “Daredevil” to try to lure Muse out of hiding. Pretty clever stuff.

I’m definitely noticing that I enjoy Soule’s writing, and that’s no different here. The art work really goes with the style of the comic as well. I like this one and I can see myself sticking with it for a while.