Elektra · graphic novel

Elektra Lives Again


Continuing on in my list of 90’s books,¬†Elektra Lives Again is an interesting one. Published in 1990, it seems as though Miller actually worked on it years prior. The story itself is mostly about Matt Murdoch being haunted by the memory of Elektra’s death. He has reoccurring nightmares of her being reincarnated and then being murdered over and over again. He’s tortured by Elektra. He resorts to prayer and drugs.

This is certainly a dark one – though that’s hardly a surprise coming from Miller.

It’s interesting reading this one so closely following¬†Spider-Man: Torment. Both are books mainly told through a narration of inner monologue. Both are about a hero suffering inner turmoil. Both even feature rituals involving beating on a drum. Though again, Miller’s book was probably finished before the McFarlane even started on his.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t love the way the characters were drawn. That’s just personal taste of course. But the composition of the pages was definitely excellent.

In the end Elektra must die again. And Matt must let her go this time. It’s all very symbolic for sure, and the constant nightmares give it a certain ‘what is really real’ quality. But maybe it doesn’t matter what’s real. Like I said, this is a story about loss and dealing with grief.