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Infamous Iron Man #6


And with that we finish the first TPB collection of Infamous Iron Man. I’ve been saying it’s a solid read all along, and I stand by that. Right now it’s the closest thing we’ve got to a new Fantastic Four book. Take for example the flashback involving Vik, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. Good stuff.

I’m on the fence about continuing the series further, though. Mostly because I feel like I’m trying to juggle too many comics at once. But then again, this book is now crossing over with the current Avengers series (that I love) so maybe it makes sense to keep up with it. Plus, I actually find it interesting that the Invincible Iron Man stuff with Riri Williams is looking to crossover into this as well.

Iron Man

Infamous Iron Man #5


I’m warning you right now – even without straight up spoilers, things I say could be spoilers. So turn back if you don’t want em.

Okay then. Remember how I’ve been saying that Infamous Iron Man is closest thing that we have to a current Fantastic Four comic? Well, even more so now. Yes, we’ve spent issues with The Thing chasing Doom/Iron Man. But there’s even more to it now. And I’m happy about that.

The issue deals with Doom finding out his mother is still alive. All these years she’s been in hiding, ashamed of her son. This is definitely turning into a very dark and intriguing story. Totally recommended.

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Infamous Iron Man #4


I’m a bit behind on this series. But it’s still good. I’ve enjoyed the… oddness of Von Doom as Iron Man. And even more so, I’ve enjoyed Ben Grimm being in here, echoing back to the past of Fantastic Four’s run-ins with Doom. I’ve also heard rumors of Doom’s Iron Man eventually crossing over to the current Avengers series which excites me.

This issue was neat. There was a meeting between Von Doom and SHIELD. And later, we see him return to Latveria and finding the mess it’s stayed in. The issue ends with a hint that we’ll be seeing Doom’s mom in the next.

For some readers the story might feel a bit too self-serious. But I’m really liking it.

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Invincible Iron Man #1


Alright so I find myself checking out a lot of #1 issues. I guess I like giving any new series a shot if it sounds even remotely interesting to me. It doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it – but it’s cool to at least investigate new series. I have to be honest here: I totally bought this one for the cover art. It’s sort of simple but pretty – no?

Since we end up without a “real” Iron Man after the events of Civil War II, we somehow end up with two new Iron Man series – Infamous with Dr. Doom playing the part of reformed superhero as well as this one, Invincible which features Riri  Williams, a young (super genius) girl taking over the Iron Man role.

The story is told quite well. There’s tragedy. So far it’s hard to feel like we really know Riri’s character other than her just being really smart. But this is enjoyable. The really cool touch comes as a bit of a surprise on the last page (so stop reading here if you don’t want to know…), when it is revealed that Tony Stark has sent his own AI to be part of Riri’s Iron Man suite. So that’s actually a neat thing to look forward to. Although it won’t be Tony, we will basically have “him” interacting with her.

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Infamous Iron Man #3


Infamous Iron Man continues its strong run out of the gate with issue #3. With this issue we’re finally given some more background on just what’s going on with old Vik. It seems as though all the power in the world that he had obtained from being evil never satisfied him, and so it was with that in mind that he had his revelation to try being good. And as awful a reason as that is – his logic is sound when he says that he’d be the best man to talk down evildoers: he knows them better than any hero would.

This is really turning into a cool series. Issue #3 is certainly more dialogue heavy (or rather, monologue heavy) than the first two were but the consecutive pages of two-page spreads is gorgeous stuff. This comic has a lot of style.

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Infamous Iron Man #2


Seriously, what a weird story this one is. And that’s why I like it.

Following the events of Civil War II (I guess. I haven’t actually started reading the main Civil War II books yet. Whoops!), Infamous Iron Man sees a supposedly reformed Viktor Von Doom taking on the  role of Iron Man. Except SHIELD doesn’t believe him. And for good reason, right? So they hire The Thing (which was detailed in Guardians Of The Galaxy #15, which I just recently read as well) to find out what Doom is up to.

This issue is just that – The Thing hunting down Vik – and that’s just where it ends. But it’s cool to see that these two will confront each other so early in the series. I don’t know. It’s a weird story as I said, but I like it. And I’ll tell you why: this is probably the closest we’re going to get to a new Fantastic Four story any time soon. So yeah. FF fans should check this out. I’m gonna pick up #3 tomorrow.