Jean Grey

Jean Grey #5


Jean continues on with her training. This time with Psylocke. Good issue. Mostly about Jean learning how to control her powers. It seems like it’s fight or flight that triggers them – so now I’m really starting to think that my theory about this being a story about dealing with anxiety was spot on.

Some great art this issue. Still totally enjoying this series.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #4


So good! I was worried that having this be a story featuring “the unworthy” Thor might throw me off. I haven’t been following his book. In my mind, the current Thor is Jane from the ongoing Avengers series. I had no idea was Son Of Odin has been up to y’know?

But this was great. Really great. The whole issue revolved around a bar room brawl. And Thor told a bunch of stories. And Jean quipped about how drunk he was. It sounds bad right? Nope. It was great.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #3


Damn good issue, this one. So Jean goes and finds Namor in hopes that he’d be able to help her understand how to fight the Dark Phoenix which she believes is coming her because of fate. In the meantime they encounter a giant sea monster. And what ensues is actually a pretty fantastic little tale that shows Jean facing her fears head-on.

Once again, I believe this story to be a bit of an story about anxiety. And once again, I may be reading too deep. But I don’t really think so.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #2


As as I said after reading #1, I kind of wish that this series wasn’t about Phoenix. I’d prefer a Jean Grey solo story that doesn’t have to rehash that one. But at the same time, I can’t deny that they’re keeping it fairly original here. It seems like this is a story about fate. About thrashing against the inevitable. Maybe it’s a story about dealing with letting go and learning to take things as they come. Maybe it’s a story about anxiety.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it – as I admit I can be guilty of doing so. Ultimately, this isn’t the Jean Grey book I asked for. But it’s still interesting enough for me to keep reading. And besides, I’m just glad she has her own solo book right now. I want to support that.

#1 · Jean Grey

Jean Grey #1


Okay, so I’m thrilled that Jean has her own solo comic now. Always been a fan. And it’s actually a pretty good start. Good writing. Good action. But… I’m not totally sure how I feel about rehashing Phoenix stuff. So we’ll see how it goes.

I will stick with it though. That’s for sure. I’m just a big enough fan of the character that I need to see how it goes. And I like that it makes a good companion to X-Men: Blue. I won’t be reading much of the Ressurexion stuff, but this, Blue and Generation-X all look up my alley.