Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones #6


Well, this issue was pretty good. I actually loved the opening page more than anything else in this series. It was meant to look like an old comic and portrayed Jessica as Jewel first meeting Ms. Marvel. It was a very cool touch. But the rest of the issue was still not great. I really don’t care for much  of the artwork here. But one thing that I was happy about was that at least some answers were to be had. There was some kind of… conclusion. I’ve felt like so much of the first five issues made very little sense to me. Or was just too slow. At least in this issue Jessica sounds a bit more like Jessica.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll continue reading this or not. I want to because I love the character. But at the same time I’m not thrilled with this story. So I guess I’ll think it over.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones #5


This Jessica Jones series still isn’t doing much for me. This issue is one of the better ones so far. But something just feels like it’s not clicking. There’s a strange lifelessness to the artwork. Like the faces don’t match the feeling of the words. And even some of the dialogue feels like it lacks any personality. The best I can word it is that I don’t even feel like this is the Jessica Jones character – right now it could be any private investigator in a comic book.

At least she’s starting to make some progress on this case. And the stuff with Luke Cage and Ben Urich here was pretty good. As usual, I just keep reading this because I love Jessica Jones. But it’s too bad that my favorite part was a page that had a bunch of artwork from Jessica’s past. Pictures of her as Jewel for example. I guess I keep hoping that things will sort themselves out and I’ll start to like it more.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones #4


This new Jessica Jones series is still hit or miss. But this issue is better than the last one. At least things are starting to come together and an actual plot feels like it’s setting in. But it’s still very slow. If you’re thinking that you can come to this from the Jessica/Luke Netflix shows, then you’re looking for the wrong thing.

Basically I’m still reading this one because I love the character. But I’m not enjoying the series as much as the older stuff or The Pulse. I’m also not crazy about the art. So I’m complaining a lot… but still reading.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones #3


When a new Jessica Jones series was announced for 2016, I was super excited. I love the character. I adored the first season of the Netflix show. I had spent time back-reading, but was ready for a new story.

So far I feel less than thrilled, though. Issue #1 felt a bit slow to get moving. It was intriguing, sure. But nothing that truly grabbed me. Issue #2 seemed to actually start to pick up, and I was getting hopeful that this would actually be a favorite current series. But now with issue #3 I’m really starting to wonder. In a way I feel like I’ll keep reading just because it’s Jessica Jones, but not because I’m particularly invested in the story. We’ll see.

Ultimately this issue just feels kind of lost. Where is the series going? Why are we interested? Jessica is being held captive (which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Isn’t she super strong? Is she just refusing to use her powers to break free? That seems very unlike her, though. Especially when she’s pissed). And this woman is introduced and says she’ll be seeing Jessica again soon with a beneficial offer. Then Luke Cage and a police officer see Jessica after she’s free and she flies away… it’s all very… uninteresting.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I have much higher expectations for this one. I don’t know.