#1 · Monsters Unleashed

Monsters Unleashed #1


I really wasn’t expecting much from this first issue, but y’know what? It’s fun!

I can’t say I disliked the first couple issues of Civil War II, but knowing most of what happens across the eight mainline issues, it started to feel like a prospective slog. And then Monsters Unleashed hit this week. And it’s the antithesis of Civil War II. It’s getting to see all these Marvel heroes TEAMING UP to fight some outsider monsters. Heck, it even feels like a lighter alternative to Inhumans Vs. X-Men (which I am enjoying!).

The story in this first issue is… well, somewhat goofy. But it’s monsters. What do you expect. I won’t ruin the ‘surprise’ of where they come from. But I will recommend it if you want some lighter fare versus of Marvel’s usual overly grand events.