Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons #2


Finally getting back to this series.

So it’s interesting because I knew nothing about it. I never read Harbinger in the 90’s, so this world is totally new to me. But that seems fine. This feels like it works well on its own anyway.

We’re introduced to another Psiot – this time a guy who can turn himself to stone, however can’t move when he does. So he basically becomes a statue. That’s of course not ideal, but probably still better a power than a guy who can materialize things uncontrollably or a girl who can talk to birds.

Our team is still being hunted. But they’re forming their own little family. The writing is (of course) solid, and I really dig the art. This is still good stuff.

#1 · Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons #1


Being the eternal optimist that I am, I buy a lot of #1’s. I’m always eager to find something new and different. Something special. When I saw Secret Weapons #1 listed on the release schedule this past week, I knew nothing about it. And honestly, probably would have glossed right over it had it not been for one thing: it was written by Eric Heisserer who wrote the movie Arrival which absolutely floored me.

I am pleased to announce that with Secret Weapons #1 I’ve found something new and different. I have found something special.

While the setup at first glance may not sound so unique – a secret agency doing secret experiments in a secret lab on subjects with rather inhuman powers – I promise you that it is done in such a unique way. I know it sounds a little Weapon X-ish. Or maybe even a lot Weapon X-ish, but really it’s got its own voice right out the gate of this first issue.

Most importantly this book is following the lives of several rejects from this project. Yes these outcasts have special powers. But they’re not especially good ones. They’re hardly useful. There’s the girl who talks with pigeons, or the guy who can make stuff glow. My favorite is the kid who can summon things from thin air – he just can’t control what he summons. So he accidentally summons a gun when he’s working his shift at the local hardware store, but summons an umbrella when he needs a gun.

Oh right – and yeah, he needs a gun at one point because these secret project defects are being hunted by this really scary alien thing. To say that there’s a lot going on in this first issue would be an understatement. But it’s all handled so well. And the artwork is excellent. I really must applaud this new book and look forward to subsequent issues.