Supergirl: Being Super #4


I am so so sad that this over because it was fantastic. From beginning to end, each of the four issues of this mini-series was stellar. This last one wraps up a lot of the loose ends and finds Kara really deciding that it’s time to admit who she is and be a superhero. She heads off to find Superman at the end, but has also made a powerful enemy. And even Lex Luthor shows up for a split second. So maybe there’s hope for another mini-series continuing this one?

I can wish, can’t I? Everything was just so great here. Mariko Tamaki’s writing was so perfect. I’ve enjoyed her work on Hulk, but she just really knows how to write for Kara and her friends. And maybe my favorite thing about this book was Joelle Jones’ art. I mean seriously, Jones was born to draw Supergirl.


Supergirl #8


For the first six issues I complained about the art in Supergirl. I also complained that it felt less compelling than the Being Super mini-series. As of last issue we got a new penciller, in Matias Bergara. The art’s still not exactly what I want it to be (again, Being Super) but the story in #8 at least has a lot more heart than previous issues seemed to. Which is a good sign.

The other good sign – for me – is the inclusion of Batgirl. I loved the Batgirl Annual which featured Supergirl in a crossover. The fact that this issue starts a new story arc featuring Batgirl is promising. So hey… I guess I’m still sticking with this series after all.


Supergirl: Being Super #3


It really sucks that Being Super is just a mini-series, because it is fantastic. Tamaki’s writing here is so on point. It manages to be subdued while still being really compelling. I mean I like her work on Hulk, but I love her writing here. And Joelle Jones may well be one of my favorite artists right now. Her work on this series – like her covers for Mockingbird last year – is gorgeous. Everything has these soft shapes, bright popping colors all soothingly blended. Great stuff.

Issue #3 finds Kara unraveling more of the mystery of who she really is and why she’s so different from her classmates. It culminates in what is actually conflict, and the foreshadowing of real danger.

Y’know those DC Universe Animated Originals movies? Supergirl: Being Super has my vote for becoming one of those.


Supergirl #7


Whoo, this was a mixed bag. I’m glad to be through that first story arc in issues 1-6. But this… I am hoping was just a weird transitional moment. A one-and-done kind of thing. Cuz it was odd.

To be honest I found it rather tough to follow. At least, why it was written. Kara goes into Lar-On’s mind to try to understand him. So it was all strange nightmare imagery. I don’t know. Didn’t feel all that compelling.

In the final pages we see Supergirl back in National City – thank goodness. Maybe it’s because I like the TV show so much that I’d really like to just see more of her there. Meaning, I’d like the stories to feel a bit more grounded.

But the final page showing that Superman will be in the next issue is a tease in the right direction. Maybe.


Supergirl #6


Supergirl is still pretty good. To be honest I like Being Super a whole lot more. But this is good. And the whole invasion story is (mostly) wrapping up and we can kind of get on with the series. Though not perfect, this has been a pretty decent start to this new series.

The issue felt like it was trying to juggle too many characters at once, but at least the showdown between Kara and her dad (“dad”?) was well done. I do like the artwork. Though it has a sort of angular look to it that I don’t always love. But for the most part everything looks good and is expressive and the colors are nice.


Supergirl: Being Super #2


It is really a shame that this is being intended as a limited series. It’s actually really great, and serves as a nice contrast to the main Supergirl series. This one is more about Kara the girl. It’s about her coming to grips with the powers she has, and adjusting to life as a teenager. For instance this second issue deals with her mourning the loss of a friend. It’s a very human story, even if Kara isn’t actually human.

Actually, to be honest this issue is pretty sad. But the script is excellent, and really hits the nail on the head when it comes to tapping into certain emotions. The way Kara and her friend aren’t sure what to text each other is a good example. You get the impression that this is the first time either has dealt with a death so close, and it’s really well shown rather than told.

I also have to just praise the physical book for a second. I love when DC puts out these longer issues that have that flat book binding. I really, really recommend this series.


Supergirl #5


The battle against Cyber-Superman/Kara’s dad continues in issue #5. This one was basically one big action sequence. Which wasn’t bad. I’m glad that the action is at least happening back on Earth now. I was kind of hoping we’d wrap up this story in five issues, but alas it looks as though it is continuing on, as the planet Argo is heading towards Earth.


Supergirl #4


Supergirl #4 continues the story… now robo-Supes and his team of robot minions are invading Earth, and Supergirl and her adapted mom are trapped on Argo, being held captive by the imposter/robo-mom. I know, I know… sounds wacky.

It’s still a good story, but I am growing a bit tired of Cyber-man here. I’m kind of ready for this story to wrap up so that the series can go on to explore some other stuff already. Anyway, Kara frees herself in the end, so obviously she’s on her way to Earth to save the day in the next issue.


Supergirl #3


I have to say this series is moving along quickly. Here Kara has decided to believe that the robo-Supes is really her father somehow. She follows him to Argo which she thought had been destroyed. Instead she finds it rebuilt, and all of her family and friends have been re-animated… but as lifeless robot things.

Robo-dad then imprisons her and we find out that he’s planning to attack Earth with his robo-citizens to use the lives of humans to fully restore lives to these re-animated Kryptonians.

Like I said, a lot of action for only the third issue. I’m enjoying it… though I think that the Being Super series is slightly more interesting with Kara trying to fit in as human. And I think I’d find her adventures more interesting in this book if she were confined to Earth. But still, I like this series.

#1 · Supergirl

Supergirl: Being Super #1


Oh damn, I thought this was pretty great! Like maybe even better than the main Supergirl series. Alright, no. That’s a lie. These are two totally different books. This is more like a prequel. She isn’t really Supergirl here yet. She’s a high school student. This is like Mean Girls with superhero stuff – which is cool with me.

DC gave us a nice 48-page format issue for this debut, which looks gorgeous. Really, I love when they do this. And with this series being only four issues, I’m hoping the remaining three follow suite.

The writing is solid. Mariko Tamaki is also writing the new Hulk which I’ve just recently raved about as well. Kara feels like a relate-able high school student here. And there’s some great introductions to her friends and family as well as her school and home life.

And that art! Joelle Jones’ art absolutely POPS off the pages. It is so colorful and soothing. I’m really impressed with this series so far. I have a feeling others will bemoan its ‘slowness’ but I prefer this kind of slow-burn if we have the room to get comfy with the characters and the world. This is good stuff.