The Defenders

The Defenders #4


So so good. Everything about this comic is great. Seriously. The art! Oh my goodness, the art. And Bendis’ writing is top notch here. I’m loving this.

This issue had some history on this new crazy drug that Diamondback put on the streets. Then a huge fight between him and Jessica Jones & Iron Fist. And then… and then it ends with brief appearances from The Punisher and Elektra! So it looks like there’s plenty more surprises to keep rolling in.

The Defenders

The Defenders #3


Still great. Like seriously top-tier current Marvel comic right here.

The Defenders are still after Diamondback, but this issue offers plenty. The art is gorgeous as always. Check out the lighting on the panels of Black Cat and Diamondback talking. It’s stunning. The writing is also top notch. There’s so much personality oozing from each page. Like the confrontation with The Punisher and how he makes Luke think about not knowing Daredevil’s real name. Or the two-page spread of citizens telling the story of how Luke Cage and Diamondback grew up together as kids.

This is really just an excellent series. It’s being made by two guys who really know what they’re doing with these characters and this story. I absolutely love it.

The Defenders

The Defenders #2


So can they keep it up? “They” being Bendis and Marquiz? The answer: Oh my goodness, yes. None of the momentum of the first issue has slowed a bit. This issue is just bursting with awesome. We’ve got the Night Nurse, folks! We’ve got Blade. We’ve got Kingpin. We’ve got an incredibly drawn fight scene between Daredevil/Jessica/Iron Fist vs. Diamondback. We’ve got a brief but shocking appearance from The Punisher!

Basically everything hinted at and promised in the first issue has been perpetuated in the second. If I were the type to post gifs here, it would be the Citizen Kane clapping one. This series is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to each new issue with open arms. Keep it up, guys!

#1 · The Defenders

The Defenders #1


Holy shit. This is great. I’ve been anticipating this new Defenders series since it was announced some months ago. And now that the way it is over, I know that I was right to be excited. I suspect that some who are lesser fans of Bendis may have had their doubts. But no. This is just great.

The first issue is a total “Defenders Assemble” affair. But I love – LOVE – how they’ve made sure to show the history in these pages. Seeing flashback pics of The New Avengers or Jessica in her Jewel costume… it’s giving me all the right feels.

Everything is top notch here. The writing – this is Bendis bringing his A game. The art! Oh the art. Finally I feel like this is where I want to be reading Jessica Jones again. I’m sorry, but her current solo series was not working for me. I found the writing aimless and the art off-putting. But here? This feels to me like a proper continuation from Alias, The New Avengers, Pulse…

Speaking of Pulse – the issue ends with a multi-page interview  of Luke Cage taken from the pages of Pulse and penned by Ben Urich himself.  There is just so much heart shown here. You can truly sense how much the parties involved in this issue are genuinely excited to be creating it – and the reader benefits.

I can’t wait to see what goes on. Bendis has already promised The Punisher for issue #3. This is totally one of my new favorite comics.