The Flash

The Flash #22


“The Button” is over. And what an annoying tease. It went like this: Batman #21 was at least interesting. And stylized like Watchmen. And then we had two issues of just nonsense that didn’t deliver any of the Watchmen tie-ins that were promised. Now this issues was more of that except… the last few pages. The last few pages LEAP back into Watchmen style panels, and give us actual real references to Watchmen. I mean, SPOILERS INCOMING: ┬ábut at the end of this one you see Doctor Manhattan’s hand; you get actual dialogue from the original book. And then guess what? Then it just tells you to stay tuned for “the real” Watchmen tie-in, which is Doomsday Clock. And that won’t be out for another FIVE MONTHS. Ugh.

The Flash

The Flash #21


Alright well, “The Button” part two… there’s some interesting stuff going on for sure. The Flash and Batman time-traveling… now lost in time. And Batman’s dad is involved in a very intriguing way.

But I do have a complaint. One I guarantee will be controversial to most readers: I want more Watchmen stuff here. This was teased as a Watchmen crossover but so far, two issues in, there’s been much less than I’d hoped.

Oh well. We’ll see how it ties together anyway.