The Pulse · TPB

The Pulse: Thin Air


I found myself caught up on all my new comics this week, so I went to my shelves to pull out something from the backlog. I was in sort of a Jessica Jones mood, so I settled on Volume 1 of The Pulse.

Man, I really enjoyed this one. This series finds Jessica Jones in her post-superhero role and pregnant with Luke Cage’s baby. Because they need health insurance she takes a job working at The Daily Bugle. Basically, she’s  a superhero specialist on the payroll. It’s a neat setup. And these first five issues tell a really cool story involving The Green Goblin killing employees of Oscorp, and how Jessica Jones and Ben Urich go on to break this story with the help of Spider-Man.

It was awesome seeing all of these characters together but in a more grounded setting a la the newspaper. The artwork was great and Bendis’ storytelling was brisk and exciting. I really had a blast reading this one. I’ll be on the lookout for more collected volumes of The Pulse for sure.