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The Vision: Director’s Cut #2


Wow this book is amazing. It had been on my want-to-read list since rather early in its run, and I just kept figuring I’d buy the trade paperbacks. I’m so glad that these director’s cuts came out to push me to start picking them up. This second issue actually contains the third and fourth issues of the original run.

This story just keeps getting deeper and darker. As Vision and his wife struggle to keep their marriage working while dealing with the demanding job that he keeps or the stress of their daughter’s injury, it really starts to hit you just how masterfully King was able to pen a story about human emotion while using synthesoids as the subject.

There’s also a lot of tones of fear and xenophobia and hate. Like any great story, it’s not just one story. There’s many strings to pull. It feels like one of those stories that you can go back to and find little stories within the bigger story. And they all feel so sad.

By the end of the fourth issue we’re left with more bloodshed; more misery. This is a fascinating story with excellent writing and pacing, and stunning artwork.

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The Vision: Director’s Cut #1


I first heard about this series late last year and immediately wanted to read it. But alas, I had heard too soon. All the early issues were sold out near me. So I just put the trade paperback on my Amazon wishlist and intended to get to it “someday.”┬áBut lucky for me we’re now getting Director’s Cut reprints of these early issues, so I finally have a good excuse to check them out.

This first two issues were straight up brilliant. So The Vision decides to make a family, move out to the suburbs and attempt to live a “normal” life. And that’s what this is about. It’s about a Synthezoid family dealing with the complex relationships that are a family; worrying about steady work and paying bills; the social hell that can be high school; the paralyzing anxiety of love and responsibility.

This is heavy stuff, y’all.