Astonishing X-Men #2


I’m pretty mixed on this one. But man, look at that cover art! Ooh.

The story’s rather confusing to follow. You’ve got Logan, Jean, Gambit, Beast and Fantomex in in a dream controlled by the Shadow King who’s playing a game with Professor X. It’s at times amusing – like as they’re watching a movie or play about the history of the X-Men. But other times it’s just baffling, such as in a two-page spread where I found it impossible to even figure out the flow of the dialogue.

The art’s a mixed bag, too. The X-Men themselves are drawn beautifully, but the parts with Shadow King just looked overly detailed to me in an unappealing way.

I don’t quite know if I’ll stick with this series for the long haul yet. I might give it one more issue, though.

#1 · X-Men

Astonishing X-Men #1


Obviously we don’t need ANOTHER X-Men book right now. Of course not. I mean there’s already more than I can even read. Right now I’m totally content with X-Men: Blue. But damn, look at that cover art. Wow. I had to pick this up. And I’m pretty glad I did.

It feels like a solid start. This oversized issue had Psylocke attacked by the Shadow King. She calls to various X-Men to bring together this ragtag team. Now they’re off hunting the Shadow King. It seems cool enough.

The art is great. The writing is – well it’s Charles Soule, so you know it’s good. I’m interested for now. We’ll see how this goes.


X-Men: Blue #6


This finishes the first TPB, titled “Strangest.” I’ve raved and raved about how great X-Men: Blue is, so I won’t bother continuing other than to just reiterate that it’s one of my favorite current series right now. And easily the best X-book I’ve read in a long time.

That said, this last issue – it was my least favorite of the first six. The story felt like a bit of a one-shot involving another group of mutants, The Raksha. It wasn’t bad or anything but felt slightly tacked on to the story in the first five. But my real problem is this artwork. Oh my! This is bad. This series has had some great art but not in this issue. There’s a new artist here (well two… Ray-Anthony Height and Ramon Bachs) and I’m not digging it at all. I feel like it looks sloppy. And at times plain ugly.


X-Men: Blue #5


I really can’t get over how good this series continues to be. I mean, I know I sound like a broken record here, but it’s the closest a series has gotten me to feeling like I’m back reading the X-Men in the early 90’s. Which is great.

So now young Jimmy-Wolverine is part of the Blue team. Awesome!

And there was a big blowout with these other time-displaced mutants. And Jean Grey has encountered Miss Sinister, who is apparently collecting various time-displaced mutants from other worlds and turning them into her own little personal army.

This is good stuff.


X-Men: Blue #4


Issue #4 continues the tradition of X-Men: Blue being totally excellent. The more this series goes on, the more I start to feel like it’s my favorite X-book of recent years. For a while I was obsessed with The Extraordinary X-Men. And after that I was hooked on the full run of X-Men ’92. But this… this is like X-Men ’92 but even better. It’s not just the nostalgia trip. It is a completely great book with wonderful art, fantastic writing and just… exactly what I want an X-Men book in 2017 to be.

This issue brings the team together with Wolverine… ‘s son. For a second I was kind of not sure how I felt about that. But the story and dialogue just gels so perfectly. I love this young take on the O5 team. Much praise to Cullen Bunn on this book. I’ve been a fan of his work for a bit, but this may well be the best thing of his that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Unfortunately I’m still a couple of issues behind, but I’ll be taking care of that ASAP.


X-Men: Blue #3


So good. So so good. I’m just catching up on Blue right now, so I’m a couple issues behind. But I love this series so far. It and Jean’s solo book are the only ResurrXion books that have really grabbed me. But outside of Generation X, that’s about what I expected.

In this issue, the new old X-Men team meet a group of friendly Sentinels. Yup, you heard me. But it turns out to be Bastion who has assembled them. His goal? To help mutants flourish again… so that there are more of them for him to kill. Sounds about right.

The art is excellent here. Especially those flashbacks? Whoo! Combined with Bunn’s spot-on writing, this truly reminds me of reading X-Men as a kid in the early 90’s. Which is pretty much exactly what I want out of an X-Men book right now.


X-Men Blue #2


Oh my goodness. Yes! I KNEW I’d really enjoy this new X-Men book. I just knew it. And even early on, it’s delivering.

Issue #2 finds Jean Grey having convinced the team to work with Magneto so that mutants may live among the humans in peace. It sounds crazy of course. But he let her read his mind and she believes that he is telling the truth.

But there are some sinister things going on here. Whatever is going on with Beast, I’m not sure I like it. But what is hinted at with Magneto at the end of the story – spoilers incoming – involves the original X-Men heading back to their original time. Ooh, I’m excited.

#1 · X-Men

X-Men: Blue #1


I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to this one. There’s a handful of Resurrexion comics that I’m interested in, and this was one of the top of that small list. What can I say? I love Marvel’s rather obvious attempts at nostalgia. I loved Marc Waid’s “.1” Avengers issues; I loved X-Men ’92. So this seemed like a no-brainer for me.

I was mostly not disappointed. This definitely is a throwback, focusing on the original (time-displaced five), and with a 90’s X-Men (animated series) vibe to it. The story was… just kind of there for now. But I think more than anything it’s the Who’s Who that’s going to probably make this one fun. I mean Juggernaut? Yeah! What a fun fight scene, here.

The art felt a bit inconsistent from page to page, though. Like, Jean seemed to look like different Jeans throughout the book. And I doubt that was intentional.

The ending of the main story was… intriguing. And then we got a sort of bonus story about a clawed dude like Wolverine; but not Wolverine. I think Bunn is definitely throwing a lot at us readers – but it’s fun, so no complaints.

#1 · X-Men

X-Men Prime #1


I’m kind of annoyed – I wasn’t paying attention at the comic shop and accidentally grabbed the “Venomized” variant cover version instead of the nice cover you see above. Oh well.

X-Men Prime #1 starts the whole Resurrexion event at Marvel, which is basically a major explosion of X-Men titles. I’m all for that. This issue was a decent setup. We got to see Kitty Pryde return; we got to see a time-displaced version of the original X-Men including Jean Grey; we got to see Magik stick around after the events of IvX and the end of The Extraordinary X-Men series. And maybe even better – we finally get to see the school return to Earth.

I’m sure the complaints will be that not much happens in this issue. And that’s true. It felt a lot like those Issue #0’s that Marvel will put out for big events. But… I’m optimistic about what’s to follow in the coming months.


Extraordinary X-Men #16


Man, I was getting so bored with all the Sapna stuff and limbo and everything. But I have to admit, this was a cool issue that tied up a lot of that stuff. And it (mostly) ended in a pretty definitive way which would maybe allude to the fact that upcoming issues should probably just be Inhumans Vs. X-Men tie-ins.

The art in this series has been consistent. And there was some very nice moments here – Magik finally confronting the possessed Sapna; Nightcrawler taking on Apocalypse.

So now I’m kind of torn. I was thinking I’d just read the Annual and then call it quits on this series for now, but I don’t know. Maybe I will stick with it after all. Maybe.