Hawkeye #8


Another great issue! I can’t praise this series enough. It’s just so consistent.

Kate’s confronting her dad who is apparently tied to a lot of the bad stuff that happened in the first six issues. The plot thickens.

I have to give special love to Leonardo Romero’s art this issue. There’s so many great action sequences that are brilliantly drawn. Really, this series is excellent. Everyone should check it out.


Batman #26


This was pretty damn great. I’m definitely really enjoying this “War Of Jokes And Riddles” story. In this one The Joker puts out a hit on The Riddler which doesn’t go well thanks to Poison Ivy. And then all hell breaks loose. The war is really turning into a war.

The art here was spectacular. The two page spread with Ivy was fantastic. And I love some of the throwbacks here – namely, The Riddler acting out the “mirror” scene from Tim Burton’s Batman.

There was also the way that throughout the issue you can a bit of background on each victim. Y’know when like faceless thugs get killed in most comics? Here, you learn their names and some factoid. And later it turns out that Batman was keeping a record of all the casualties. It’s a neat touch.

Tom King really knows what he’s doing right now.

#1 · Deadpool

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1


I’m a big Deadpool fan, but I almost didn’t buy this issue. See, I read the first Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe series and honestly thought it was kind of meh. It just felt pretty pointless to me. But there was something I couldn’t resist. Maybe I just have a weakness for #1’s. Maybe it’s that great cover art. Maybe it’s the fact that Bunn’s been on a roll with X-Men: Blue lately. So I grabbed this.

And I’m actually glad I did. It was lots of fun, and at least the story of WHY he’s killing (again) is a lot more interesting than in the first series.

I loved the artwork here. Specifically that when Deadpool would go on a killing spree you’d see things through his eyes and the art style would change drastically. When he was killing the Uncanny Avengers it got all kids-comic looking. When he took out Thor, Loki, Hercules and their crew it looked like an older comic and referenced those old Marvel swimsuit issues. It’s actually quite fun.

So yeah, maybe I’ll stick with this mini-series after all. I’m always glad to read some good Deadpool comics.


Supergirl: Being Super #4


I am so so sad that this over because it was fantastic. From beginning to end, each of the four issues of this mini-series was stellar. This last one wraps up a lot of the loose ends and finds Kara really deciding that it’s time to admit who she is and be a superhero. She heads off to find Superman at the end, but has also made a powerful enemy. And even Lex Luthor shows up for a split second. So maybe there’s hope for another mini-series continuing this one?

I can wish, can’t I? Everything was just so great here. Mariko Tamaki’s writing was so perfect. I’ve enjoyed her work on Hulk, but she just really knows how to write for Kara and her friends. And maybe my favorite thing about this book was Joelle Jones’ art. I mean seriously, Jones was born to draw Supergirl.

#1 · Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons #1


Being the eternal optimist that I am, I buy a lot of #1’s. I’m always eager to find something new and different. Something special. When I saw Secret Weapons #1 listed on the release schedule this past week, I knew nothing about it. And honestly, probably would have glossed right over it had it not been for one thing: it was written by Eric Heisserer who wrote the movie Arrival which absolutely floored me.

I am pleased to announce that with Secret Weapons #1 I’ve found something new and different. I have found something special.

While the setup at first glance may not sound so unique – a secret agency doing secret experiments in a secret lab on subjects with rather inhuman powers – I promise you that it is done in such a unique way. I know it sounds a little Weapon X-ish. Or maybe even a lot Weapon X-ish, but really it’s got its own voice right out the gate of this first issue.

Most importantly this book is following the lives of several rejects from this project. Yes these outcasts have special powers. But they’re not especially good ones. They’re hardly useful. There’s the girl who talks with pigeons, or the guy who can make stuff glow. My favorite is the kid who can summon things from thin air – he just can’t control what he summons. So he accidentally summons a gun when he’s working his shift at the local hardware store, but summons an umbrella when he needs a gun.

Oh right – and yeah, he needs a gun at one point because these secret project defects are being hunted by this really scary alien thing. To say that there’s a lot going on in this first issue would be an understatement. But it’s all handled so well. And the artwork is excellent. I really must applaud this new book and look forward to subsequent issues.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #3


Damn good issue, this one. So Jean goes and finds Namor in hopes that he’d be able to help her understand how to fight the Dark Phoenix which she believes is coming her because of fate. In the meantime they encounter a giant sea monster. And what ensues is actually a pretty fantastic little tale that shows Jean facing her fears head-on.

Once again, I believe this story to be a bit of an story about anxiety. And once again, I may be reading too deep. But I don’t really think so.


Elektra #5


Annoying. This series started out well enough, and before long it was silently cancelled and all the sudden being called a mini-series. And this final issue isn’t great. First of all, the whole Murderworld thing got old quickly in this series. So it felt like it was being milked. Secondly, the issue ends on what really doesn’t feel like an end or resolution. It feels like the BEGINNING of a story. Yet there is no more store being told.

On the plus, there was some decent art here. I liked a flashback section made of up pages of previous issues. Neat gimmick. But really, even as a big fan of the Elektra character, I won’t be recommending this brief run to anybody.


X-Men: Blue #4


Issue #4 continues the tradition of X-Men: Blue being totally excellent. The more this series goes on, the more I start to feel like it’s my favorite X-book of recent years. For a while I was obsessed with The Extraordinary X-Men. And after that I was hooked on the full run of X-Men ’92. But this… this is like X-Men ’92 but even better. It’s not just the nostalgia trip. It is a completely great book with wonderful art, fantastic writing and just… exactly what I want an X-Men book in 2017 to be.

This issue brings the team together with Wolverine… ‘s son. For a second I was kind of not sure how I felt about that. But the story and dialogue just gels so perfectly. I love this young take on the O5 team. Much praise to Cullen Bunn on this book. I’ve been a fan of his work for a bit, but this may well be the best thing of his that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Unfortunately I’m still a couple of issues behind, but I’ll be taking care of that ASAP.

The Defenders

The Defenders #2


So can they keep it up? “They” being Bendis and Marquiz? The answer: Oh my goodness, yes. None of the momentum of the first issue has slowed a bit. This issue is just bursting with awesome. We’ve got the Night Nurse, folks! We’ve got Blade. We’ve got Kingpin. We’ve got an incredibly drawn fight scene between Daredevil/Jessica/Iron Fist vs. Diamondback. We’ve got a brief but shocking appearance from The Punisher!

Basically everything hinted at and promised in the first issue has been perpetuated in the second. If I were the type to post gifs here, it would be the Citizen Kane clapping one. This series is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to each new issue with open arms. Keep it up, guys!