The Defenders

The Defenders #4


So so good. Everything about this comic is great. Seriously. The art! Oh my goodness, the art. And Bendis’ writing is top notch here. I’m loving this.

This issue had some history on this new crazy drug that Diamondback put on the streets. Then a huge fight between him and Jessica Jones & Iron Fist. And then… and then it ends with brief appearances from The Punisher and Elektra! So it looks like there’s plenty more surprises to keep rolling in.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #5


Jean continues on with her training. This time with Psylocke. Good issue. Mostly about Jean learning how to control her powers. It seems like it’s fight or flight that triggers them – so now I’m really starting to think that my theory about this being a story about dealing with anxiety was spot on.

Some great art this issue. Still totally enjoying this series.

#1 · X-Men

Astonishing X-Men #1


Obviously we don’t need ANOTHER X-Men book right now. Of course not. I mean there’s already more than I can even read. Right now I’m totally content with X-Men: Blue. But damn, look at that cover art. Wow. I had to pick this up. And I’m pretty glad I did.

It feels like a solid start. This oversized issue had Psylocke attacked by the Shadow King. She calls to various X-Men to bring together this ragtag team. Now they’re off hunting the Shadow King. It seems cool enough.

The art is great. The writing is – well it’s Charles Soule, so you know it’s good. I’m interested for now. We’ll see how this goes.

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #241


What kind of an asshole starts reading a series over two hundred issues in? This kind.

I was a big GI Joe fan as a kid. So I’ve wanted to read the comics for a while. But because IDW picked up the original numbering from the old Marvel days, there’s a lot of backreading to do. So I thought that too overwhelming. I tried reading the simpler titled G.I. Joe comics that IDW put out as part of Revolution, but they weren’t very good. And they’re coming to an end soon.

So whatever. I picked up #241 and gave it a spin. And surprise, surprise… I have no clue what’s happening. There’s characters trapped in other characters’ bodies. There’s Joes dressing up as COBRA. I don’t know. I’m baffled. So I’m not so sure it’s a great idea to keep reading from here. I’d have to start way back or keep reading the Revolution stuff to get my G.I. Joe fix. Not sure either option is all that enticing right now.


Batgirl #12


Hey, now this was a pretty fun issue. I’m so glad to be done with the “Son Of The Penguin” storyline. This one was about Babs investigating a “ghost” in a pool at the local Y. Long story short – there was a girl trapped in another dimension trying to cross back over. It was kind of like an X-Files episode kind of issue. Y’know?

The art was really good on this one. The page of the girl materializing – first as protoplasm, then skeleton, then flesh – comes to mind. I kind of get the impression that this is just a one-and-done issue, but that’s fine with me. Bring on more like these!

#1 · The Vision

The Vision: Director’s Cut #1


I first heard about this series late last year and immediately wanted to read it. But alas, I had heard too soon. All the early issues were sold out near me. So I just put the trade paperback on my Amazon wishlist and intended to get to it “someday.”┬áBut lucky for me we’re now getting Director’s Cut reprints of these early issues, so I finally have a good excuse to check them out.

This first two issues were straight up brilliant. So The Vision decides to make a family, move out to the suburbs and attempt to live a “normal” life. And that’s what this is about. It’s about a Synthezoid family dealing with the complex relationships that are a family; worrying about steady work and paying bills; the social hell that can be high school; the paralyzing anxiety of love and responsibility.

This is heavy stuff, y’all.

The Defenders

The Defenders #3


Still great. Like seriously top-tier current Marvel comic right here.

The Defenders are still after Diamondback, but this issue offers plenty. The art is gorgeous as always. Check out the lighting on the panels of Black Cat and Diamondback talking. It’s stunning. The writing is also top notch. There’s so much personality oozing from each page. Like the confrontation with The Punisher and how he makes Luke think about not knowing Daredevil’s real name. Or the two-page spread of citizens telling the story of how Luke Cage and Diamondback grew up together as kids.

This is really just an excellent series. It’s being made by two guys who really know what they’re doing with these characters and this story. I absolutely love it.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #4


So good! I was worried that having this be a story featuring “the unworthy” Thor might throw me off. I haven’t been following his book. In my mind, the current Thor is Jane from the ongoing Avengers series. I had no idea was Son Of Odin has been up to y’know?

But this was great. Really great. The whole issue revolved around a bar room brawl. And Thor told a bunch of stories. And Jean quipped about how drunk he was. It sounds bad right? Nope. It was great.


Youngblood #3


This series is still going strong. This issue was a bit confusing for me not knowing the history of the original Youngblood well enough. But it was still enjoyable. They’ve recruited another “Oldblood” and now the team is fleshed out further. There’s some in-fighting, and now Diehard (the president) knows that Badrock has been working with the reformed Youngblood. So there’s some more conflict there. All in all, a bit of a transitional issue, but still good.