#1 · Deadpool

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1


I’m a big Deadpool fan, but I almost didn’t buy this issue. See, I read the first Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe series and honestly thought it was kind of meh. It just felt pretty pointless to me. But there was something I couldn’t resist. Maybe I just have a weakness for #1’s. Maybe it’s that great cover art. Maybe it’s the fact that Bunn’s been on a roll with X-Men: Blue lately. So I grabbed this.

And I’m actually glad I did. It was lots of fun, and at least the story of WHY he’s killing (again) is a lot more interesting than in the first series.

I loved the artwork here. Specifically that when Deadpool would go on a killing spree you’d see things through his eyes and the art style would change drastically. When he was killing the Uncanny Avengers it got all kids-comic looking. When he took out Thor, Loki, Hercules and their crew it looked like an older comic and referenced those old Marvel swimsuit issues. It’s actually quite fun.

So yeah, maybe I’ll stick with this mini-series after all. I’m always glad to read some good Deadpool comics.

Deadpool · The Punisher

Deadpool Versus The Punisher #2


Second issue was pretty good. Not as good as the first, though. Actually it felt a little confusing. The plot kind of did some jumping around. Punisher now has Wade helping him, because Deadpool seems to not remember what happened in the last issue. There was a big (super violent) gun fight and some decent laughs. There was also an appearance by Kingpin. So there’s definitely some promise. But this issue just felt a bit too all over the place for me.


Deadpool #29


Tough to keep such great momentum up. Deadpool #29 closes out the “Til Death Do Us…” mini-series. And it was fine. But also a little bit of a weak ending. Basically Shiklah and Drac do get married, then their armies rise up against them, but then they just decide that they’re all set. They just get kind of bored, and want to retire from ruling so they just go on a honeymoon. And that’s kind of it.

Wade is bummed that Shiklah and he are really done. And again, I always enjoy seeing the human side of Deadpool. But I don’t know, this felt kind of a let down after the great writing we’d have leading up to it. Having said all that – I still suggest this mini-series in whole. It was a lot of fun and even if I have complaints about pacing here, the writing was still solid.


Deadpool And & Mercs For Money #10


Okay, this issue was way better than #9. I’m not even a fan of The Mercs, but I have loved the “Til Death Do Us…” mini-series that’s stretched out over the various Deadpool series. This one was all violenceĀ and fun. Like Deadpool getting his leg pulled off while listening to Kanye West’s “Monster.” That kind of violence and fun.

The ending was certainly a surprise. And I’m going to spoil it so stop reading. Seriously stop. Spoiling in 3… 2.. 1… so, Dracula proposes to Shiklah and she says yes. So guess what that means? It means bad stuff for the sixth and final issue of this mini-series. Looking forward to it myself!

#1 · Deadpool · The Punisher

Deadpool Versus The Punisher #1


I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this one other than what’s right there in the title. But that was enough to make me curious. Issue #1 was actually pretty cool. I like how the story is told by both sides back and forth. It’s a nice touch.

So The Punisher is out for this guy “The Bank,” who is funding this club called Vs. It’s an underground club where people bet on the superhero fights they see on the news. Good premise. The Bank is someone who has worked with Deadpool. So there’s the mix-up. Deadpool is at The Bank’s mansion when Punisher shows up for the hit.

Much bloodshed ensues. It’s gruesome but also has the right amount of fun. Really, it’s like a well-done balance of the tones of the recent Deadpool and Punisher solo comics. I like this one – maybe more than I expected really.

Deadpool · Spider-Man

Spider-Man/Deadpool #16


Now this is more like it!

I didn’t love the last part of “Til Dead Do Us…” that appeared in Mercs For Money #9, but this one gets things back on track. I really like the team-up of Spidey, Wade and Cami Van Helsing. And guess where they go? To Latveria! And guess what they do? They confront Dracula! And guess how? …by playing video games with him.

Oh man, this story is just really funny and a total blast. With only two issues left, I’ll be bummed to see this mini-series come to an end. It’s been a lot of fun.


Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #9


Part three of “Til Death Do Us…” wasn’t as great as the first two. Maybe it’s because it focused so much on the Mercs and way too little on all the stuff that made the other issues so good. That means, well, not much Deadpool for starts. Nor are we seeing what’s up with Spider-Man and Blade and Dracula and all.

And if I’m to be fair, it might be because I’m not a big fan of the Mercs. Well, minus Domino. Domino is cool and she’s got some good moments here. But mostly this issue was too silly and too aimless for me. Oh well.

Deadpool · Spider-Man

Spider-Man/Deadpool #15


Okay, so Part 2 of “Til Death Do Us…” is pretty great. I’m really enjoying this mini-series, and I like how it’s spread out over multiple Deadpool series. First of all, it’s so fun to see Deadpool, Spider-Man and Blade all working together. Plus we’ve been introduced to Cami, a decedent of Van Helsing. So guess what that means? Next issue we’ll be getting Dracula involved in this story. Honestly, this little mini-series has actually been much cooler than all the main Monsters Unleashed stuff going on. It has a decidedly 90’s feel to me.

This issue was also very funny. I loved when Deadpool tells Blade he should have been nominated for an Oscar for New Jack City. But there’s also some really sweet moments, like when Deadpool walks away from a battle with Shiklah and tells her he loves her and she just replies “I know.” Deadpool has always been a complicated character, and Joshua Corin – the writer here – seems to get that. This is a blast!


Deadpool #20


I picked up this particular issue of Deadpool because of a great review over on Adventures In Poor Taste. And I was definitely not let down. This is a fantastic issue that stands alone as a one-shot. The entire issue is about a night that Deadpool spends with a suicide girl. He spend the night trying to do things with her to cheer her up – and all of these things have the sort of Deadpool humor that you’d expect. But the comedy is balanced well against the actual sadness of this one. And it’s sweet to see the heart come out when the issue ends and he’s done his best to save someone without using violence. Highly recommended, this one.

#1 · Deadpool

Deadpool #28


Deadpool always keeps things fun and fresh. Issue #28 is the first in a five-part crossover event with other Deadpool series that involves Deadpool’s wife Shiklah (a succubus… and leader of the monsters under Manhattan…). The writing is the usual fun Deadpool style.

When scared New Yorkers kill a monster who wanders into the subway, Shiklah decides to seek vengeance upon the city. Deadpool – in a rather un-Deadpool moment tries to tell her that the justice system will take care of them. But when that backfires all hell breaks loose.

There’s a hilarious bit where Deadpool tries to text other superheroes for help but none of them want anything to do with Wade. And then there’s a really awesome cameo. I don’t want to spoil it. So stop reading. I’m gonna say who it is. Don’t read this if you don’t want to know… it’s Blade!

So yeah, I’m gonna keep reading these issues. I always like a good excuse to read some Deadpool comics.