Hawkeye #9


It’s been a while, but I’m finally playing catch-up on my comics. Starting with Hawkeye #9, a series that I’ve been a big fan of. This issue felt a bit like a transitional one. There was  a fight club scene that was cool but mostly it just kind of… was there. It felt like it was wrapping up some loose ends from last issue but nothing was a huge revelation or anything.

As usual the writing was punchy though. And the art was on point. This book in general is always solid. So I’m not even putting anything down. But I’m not quite as engrossed with the story at the moment as I have been in the past.


Hawkeye #8


Another great issue! I can’t praise this series enough. It’s just so consistent.

Kate’s confronting her dad who is apparently tied to a lot of the bad stuff that happened in the first six issues. The plot thickens.

I have to give special love to Leonardo Romero’s art this issue. There’s so many great action sequences that are brilliantly drawn. Really, this series is excellent. Everyone should check it out.


Hawkeye #7


Hawkeye is easily one of my top series right now. So it was frustrating to visit four different comic shops since #7 came out and find that none of them had any copies in stock. I hate ordering single issues online. But I did what I had to do.

This issue was fantastic, though. Kelly Thompson’s writing was full of charm and nuance as usual. And the art! Oh man, there are some great action sequences here that just really show off the art. And then the flashback scenes with their purple and white tones… great stuff.

This issue finds Kate confronting her paste. Both via memory, and on the last page – quite literally. And I enjoyed every page. And OMG – what about that cover? Gorgeous!


Hawkeye #6


And this finishes up the first TPB of Hawkeye. And y’know what? I loved it. I loved every issue. I especially loved reading Kate and Jessica Jones together these past couple of issues. In fact – and I hate to say this – but I’ve preferred Jessica here than in her own book.

This issue tied up some loose ends quite nicely. That dragon that I wasn’t so sure about in the last issue? Turns out that it was actually a really awesome plot twist. And we’ve been introduced to a new Inhuman.

I don’t want to get too into the plot of this issue, but I’ll just say that it tied a nice little bow on the the first story arc and I’m just damn impressed. I will absolutely continue this series.


Hawkeye #5


What a fun issue! I have to say that given my sort of letdown with the current Jessica Jones series, it was a welcome change of pace to have her and Kate Bishop reunite and work on a case together. Their conversations were bursting with personality, and it really makes me wish for a better Jessica Jones series in the present.

So as usual I’ll praise the art and the writing. Although there was an introduction of a rather unexpected… creature towards the end of this one. Not sure if I’ll like the change in direction or not. But Hawkeye has been great so far, so I’ll  certainly give it an open-minded chance.


Hawkeye #4


Alright, I am a big fan of this new Kate Bishop series… but this issue felt like a transitional one. It was a little aimless to what came before (and presumably after). Basically one thing happens – y’know that dude that has been in charge of brainwashing everyone at the college? Well he… sorta blew up. And it was weird. He was using people like hate-batteries and he bulked up huge and then Kate uses song (seriously) to deflate him and… ah, it all felt a bit silly this issue.

But but but Jessica Jones will be in the next issue. And that’s definitely something I want to see. Kate and Jessica back together again. So I look forward to that.


Hawkeye #3


This new Hawkeye series continues to be top notch. Kelly Thompson’s writing is wonderful, mixing up millennial too-cool-for-school-isms with a neat little detective story. I’m actually reminded a bit of classic Buffy The Vampire Slayer tone here – which is a good thing, of course.

Kate continues her investigation which leads her to a frat party and eventually to stumbling upon some pretty crazy cult-looking stuff. I’m not entirely sure where this is heading yet, but I’m enjoying every page.


Hawkeye #2


With issue #2, this new Hawkeye series continues to be pretty great. The client (and victim of stalking) that Kate helped out in the first issue is now missing. And the stalker has lead Kate to some weird secret society called TCB. The issue ends with a very angry mob of masked creeps chasing Kate towards the end of the Venice Beach boardwalk. The story feels solid and the pacing is excellent.

Everything I applauded about the first issue remains the same. Thompson’s writing, Romero’s art, the mix of just the right amounts of comedy and millennial overtones and awesome action. This is really good stuff.

#1 · Hawkeye

Hawkeye #1


I’ll be honest, I was only slightly interested in this new Hawkeye series. I actually read a black and white preview of it not too long ago and just sort of shrugged it off. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But I had to admit that the cover art looked really nice, and I am kind of a sucker for checking out new #1’s. So I decided I’d take a shot.

For the record, I’m really glad I did. It turns out that this new Hawkeye issue is really great. Here we’ve got Kate Bishop moving to California to become a private investigator. And while it name-checks Jessica Jones, and Kate even mentions that being a superhero/private-investigator is kind of the “in thing” right now, the tone of this book seems miles away from Jessica Jones. This has sort of a young millennial voice, a lot more humor, and some strikingly colorful artwork.

In just one issue Kate manages to foil a bank-robbery and start on a stalker case at a local college campus all while setting up what appears to be the start of the on-going story. The writing flows excellently with not a panel nor speech-bubble wasted. In short, I loved this premier issue and will be totally following along.